My home and family

The setting

I work in my own home. The house was built in 2005 and is situated on a quiet cul-de-sac in Laughton Common. It is in good order, clean and tidy.


With Alfie and Harry, their cousins, and our friends’ youngsters regularly visiting, we have gained invaluable experience in making a child-friendly home.

The house has:

  • a secure, fenced back garden.
  • electrical plug socket covers.
  • child-proof locks on the kitchen cupboards.
  • child-proof locks on the CD shelving in the lounge.

I also have:

  • a fully stocked St Johns Ambulance first aid kit.
  • a clear exit strategy in case of emergency including safe haven at a neighbour’s house.

The rooms registered for use

Ofsted have registered the following rooms for use:

  • lounge / dining area
  • kitchen
  • downstairs lavatory / washroom
  • first floor bedroom (this is Harry’s bedroom and contains Harry’s bed and a crib for smaller babies)
  • first floor toilet.

Running a childminding business in our home means some interruption to our lives and our home. I need and have the full backing of all the members of my family. I am happy to introduce them to you and tell you a little about us all.

About me


I live with my husband Rob and our two sons: Alfie and Harry.


Both Rob and I grew up in Coventry. We met at university where Rob obtained his degree in Technical Communications and I read Psychology. We moved to South Yorkshire when Rob was offered a position with a software house in Sheffield and we have now been here for over ten years.

I  worked in customer services for a number of years here in South Yorkshire. Before Alfie joined us I was the Senior Hire Controller for a firm that provide tools and resource to the rail networks. After having Alfie I decided not to return to work but to train and pursue a career in childcare.

You will find me to be an enthusiastic, caring and reliable childminder. I understand how important it is to know your child is safe and happy. I will do everything I can to ensure a safe and respectful environment in which your child can develop their interpersonal, communication, sharing and learning skills while having lots of fun!

When not working I like:

  • Italian food.
  • music.
  • reading.


Rob works as a Technical Author, Business Analyst and Project Manager.

Rob and Alfie have a cuddle on the sofa

When not messing with computers he enjoys:

  • spending time with the boys. They are usually out in the garden playing football, playing table football or table tennis in Alfie’s bedroom or jumping around the living room playing on the Xbox.

  • listening to music.

  • mountain biking.

  • playing tennis.


EDIT BW 9535

Alfie is now eleven years old (where does the time go?).

He likes:

  • Fortnite on his laptop, phone, and anywhere else he can get online.
  • Playing his guitar. Alfie has lessons and enjoys letting everyone know that he’s much better than his dad.
  • Visiting his family and getting lots of attention.

  • Talking to anyone who will listen to him.

  • Swimming.

  • Cycling with his dad.



Rapidly approaching the fine old age of four, Harry is the youngest member of the family.

He enjoys:

  • Playing old skool games on the SNES with his dad.
  • Batman. He, Alfie and their dad can often be heard arguing over who is batman. None of them realise the truth – I am Batman!
  • Thomas the Tank Engine.