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  • My home number is 01909 561824.
  • My mobile number is 07706092614.

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My email address is:


You can visit (and Like!) my Facebook page using the links in the Facebook panel at the side of this page

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If you have a QR code / bar-code scanner app on your phone point it at the QR code image below and you can add my contact details straight into your phone.

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When you scan my details here you will import into your phone:

  • My name
  • My mobile number.
  • This website’s address.
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If you don’t have a barcode scanner check them out – they’re brilliant when you are out shopping to help you find products cheaper!

Take a look at this article on Gizmodo for information about barcode scanners and links to some of the best – click here to go to the Gizmodo article on barcode scanners.

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